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Demo Submissions

Please include a direct, private link to your track in the message section. Allow us 30 days to review the submission. We will contact you and notify you of our decision.

Thank you!

What we are looking for.

We are looking for fresh and creative unreleased songs, EP's and albums. We want music that is original, and showcases you as an artist. We are looking for genuine artistry and music. Nuclear OG is a multi-genre label and encourages artists of any genre to submit.

  • Music submitted must be well produced, which means structured appropriately and original.
  • All submissions must be mixed and mastered appropriately.
  • Music must not contain any copywritten samples or vocals.
  • We cannot accept remixes, unless for a song previously released on Nuclear OG.
  • We can accept VIPs (variance in progression) with explicit permission from the original song publisher or record label.


How we grade your music.

We grade every submission using the same curve and guidelines. We view every release, genre and artist as an equal when it comes to grading.

  • We are grading your creativity first, we want the music to be a genuine expression of you as an artist.
  • We look at structure and clarity second, make sure we can clearly hear every element in your song.
  • We listen closely to your mix and master, make sure there is no clipping or distortion.
  • We investigate your brand to determine that you are a genuine artist, building a positive community.
  • Lastly, we look at your following, we will check play-counts, social media followers and make sure you can support steady growth.


If Nuclear OG decides not to proceeded with your submission, don't get discouraged! Our team will send you an email explaining why we came to our decision. We will highlight the parts of your song we really enjoy, and also tell you about the things that we thought could use some improvements or adjustments. We hope that with our insight, you can grow as a producer and submit to us again in the future.