Have some questions? These FAQ might help.


How long does shipping take?

Most customers receive there package within 2-4 weeks of ordering. Shipping and production times vary depending on the time of year and demand volume. If order is out more than 30 days please contact us so we can investigate.

What quality is the merch?

Our merch is printed on high quality, big brand clothing such as Champion, Bella Canvas, Gildan and American Apperal. Normal merch is printed on higher quality products and discount merch is usually printed on cheaper shirt quality. We use DTG printing to print most of our merch, and others we use an All Over printing method. Both methods using the highest quality materials available. We strive to ensure ultra high quality with every piece of merch.

How do you print the merch?

All of our merch is printed using a DTG printing method, or an All Over Print method.

WWhat is DTG printing?

DTG or Direct to Garment is a method of printing in which a machine prints (much like a home printer) the image onto the clothing using a long lasting ink. This method allows us to print every item individually instead of setting up an entire press. This method is also more environmentally friendly than screen printing, and also has a longer lifespan. The surface of DTG printed images usually appear to have a rough texture instead of a smooth, vinyl like texture.

What is all over printing

All Over Printing is a method of printing in which we print an image onto a roll of flat usually white fabric, then proceeded to cut and sew into clothing after. This method allows us to utilize 90%-100% of the clothing's surface area in which to print and design on. This method is also usually more expensive than DTG and Screen Printing. We use ultra high quality inks to avoid color fading, although fading is inevitable with the dyed nature of the piece. We only use environmentally sustainable, and ethically sourced dyes.

My order arrived damaged.

If your merch is damaged or broken, please contact us WITHIN 3 DAYS of your package being delivered. Include a few photos of the damaged piece. Email us via the CONTACT US section and we will get back to you asap. If the item in indeed damaged, we will send a replacement.

Can I get a refund?

No. Nuclear OG does not offer refunds. If your merchandise arrives damaged, we will send a replacement.

Can you host my merch?

Nuclear OG offers merchandise hosting and design services to select and qualified artists. If you want us to help you with merch, please contact us.

Why dont you keep physical inventory?

Nuclear OG uses a print on demand clothing model. Meaning that every piece of merch you order is created, printed, and shipped at the time of the order being placed. This process allows us to manage orders, and drops with much more precision. Although this process does slow down shipping times by 5-7 days, due to the wait time for production. Nuclear OG has very little if not any physical merch.


How do I submit to Nuclear OG?

Demos can be sent to us via the DEMOS section. Please only submit once.

What genres do you accept?

All genres are welcomed.


Can I play your shows?

If you are an artist interested in playing some of our events, feel free to contact us via the EVENT INQUIRY page.


Where are we based?

Nuclear OG is based in Denver, CO and throw most of our events in the Colorado area. Our merchandise manufacture is based in California, and orders will be sent from CA.

What does OG stand for?

OG stand for "Original Gear" ;)